Our company was established in 1975 by Manolis Xilinakis with the aim to manufacture water heating systems, setting high aims as far as quality in all sectors is concerned:
production process, product, services.
The experience and know-how later passes to the next generation and the sons Dimitris & Vardis Xilinakis actively undertake to continue the initial vision. The company , as it is today, was established in 1990.
By then, and during its course, the company constantly increases its turnover and is transferred to always bigger premises.
A year of significant importance is this of 1996, when the corporate horizons widen by the acquisition of the related activities companies "HLIOFEN" , "MASTER" and "OMEGA".
The company upgrades its equipment and enriches its client list, thus increasing its turnover.
At the same time, NOBEL becomes a synonym of quality and is well-established in the market , as the provided products and services meet its requirements.
In 1998 the company - in order for the always increasing needs to be covered- is transferred to a new ultra-modern self-owned industrial site in the industrial zone of Acharnes Municipality.
In 2007 we acquire a second site, also situated in the industrial zone of Acharnes Municipality, close to the headquarters of the company, where part of the production is transferred.
Today, the production takes place in the two above modern, self-owned industrial facilities, which cover in total a surface of 12.000 m2 (of which 8.000 m2 are covered space).
In 2011 the company intends to realize an investment of 30 million Euro for the resettlement at a ultra-modern site equipped with state-of-the-art production lines which will set new standards in the Renewable Energy Sources products production.

With inspired radical change and innovations in the established design methods, production processes and products, we have achieved European standards of professionalism, using all our resources, dedicated to the systematic study for the production of high specification, modern products.
NOBEL, XILINAKIS D. & CO is a permanent member of EBHE (Greek Solar Industry Association), body for the promotion of the Solar Thermal Sector interests, and takes active part in different activities for the Solar Thermal Energy promotion (participation in International Trade Fairs, business delegations, tenders under the auspices of the UN Organization etc)
We certify our products , measuring them at esteemed laboratories both in Greece and abroad , always in accordance with the requirements the destination country sets. The company holds the ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System), which is soon to be updated and replaced by the ISO 9001:2008 version.
The production processes and the raw materials used are eco-friendly. The final product is 100% recyclable.
Our company's with the help of our vision, is progressing quickly, increasing our turnover to an impressive degree from year to year, thus enabling us to gain an ever increasing market share, proof of the acknowledgement of our aims and professional skills.
Today we are at the forefront, holding a significant position in the home and export market. Our presence is supported by a network of sales representatives both in Greece and abroad.
Thanks to the responsibility guaranteed by our valuable experience and long term know-how,
thanks to our employees and our determination, we are uniquely qualified to offer you a variety of available imediate solutions and trustworthy services before and after sale service, making our name synonymous with quality and reliability.
The vision of development is the constant motive of our corporate planning along our course throughout the years. We listen carefully to catch the heartbeat of the market, sense the future and line up with its requirements.

In addition to our constant effort over the last thirty three years... We aim at the future with optimism and smile confidently, investing in new "green" products which make full use of renewable energy sources and promise to soon have even more "energy friendly" proposals for you.