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  Responsibility for Energy and Environment

With over 60 years of experience, Hoval designs and distributes innovative products in the domain of oil-, gas-, wood- and pellet boilers, heat pumps and solar plants, room ventilation including humidity recovery, indoor ventilation and climate systems plus the necessary accessories for small- and large scale plants, adjusted as system technology or as single plants.

Hoval Company

1897 Gustav Ospelt sen. open a metalworking shop in Vaduz
1945 Registration of the trade mark “Hoval“.
1957 – 1967 Foundations in Switzerland, Austria, Great Britain, France, Italy. Development of the worldwide sales network
1970 – 1980 Widening of the heating systems program with air-handling systems and heat recovery.
2001 – today Foundations in Poland, Czechia, Slovakia, China, Romania, Russia, Spain and Croatia.

Hoval Philosophy
Responsibility for energy and environment
This is the basic philosophy that Hoval has been working with for several years. In no way is this a slogan for the company or just lip service; it indicates a commitment that is taken seriously and dictates the whole way of thinking and acting.
In the area of heating and ventilation technology, Hoval pursues ambitious targets:

  • Developing pioneering solutions and achieving success.
  • Guaranteeing the customer measurable added value with innovative “Hoval easy systems” – added value in respect of handling, operation comfort and costs. 
  • Achieving the lowest impact possible on the environment through optimum energy exploitation.

Hoval is worldwide known as technological leading supplier of innovative easy – Systems for heat- and ventilation technology with a high measurably economical and ecological added value for the customer.