Hoval Solar

39887996Hoval Solar Equipment. The complete solution for domestic hot water, space heating support and swimming pool heating.

Clean and in abundance, in fact several billion years worth still remaining. What better way to meet your heating requirements than by utilising solar thermal energy.

Solar equipment designed for larger installations.
Hoval have a full range of solar products suitable for all sizes of system from small domestic properties right through to large scale commercial installations such as hotels, hospitals, student accomodation, schools, and sports / leisure centres.

Expertise you can rely on.
Hoval have a wealth of experience and engineering know how when it comes to all scales and types of solar plant application.
We pride ourselves on the ability to give you sound advice on any potential projects and offer a concise and fully engineered package when appropriate.
If your use for solar energy is for domestic hot water, space heating
support, and swimming pool heating, we have a solution.

Untitled-3Swimming Pool Heating

Undoubtedly one of the better ways of utilizing solar thermal energy is
heating a swimming pool or spa.
Heating swimming pools using solar energy makes complete sense for a number of reasons:
The relatively low water temperatues required in a pool (i.e. between 26oC and 30oC) mean that high collector efficiencies can be
High solar fractions can be expected (especially with indoor pools, where heat losses from the pool are lower than outdoors). This is because collector exit temperatures don’t have to be high in order for energy to be transfered.
Most indoor pools have a large roof area - an ideal position for the collectors.
The pool acts as the heat sink or thermal store so you don’t have to buy expensive storage vessels. This means that overall payback periods are relatively short.