ATI Incinerator

medical-waste-incineratorATI was founded in 1930 by Maurice MULLER.
ATI ENVIRONNEMENT designs and manufactures incinerators for waste treatment and filtration system.
We are specialized in treatment of hospital and industrial wastes.
All our installation respect the European Emission Regulation EC76/2000

ATI-ENVIRONNEMENT specializes in :
Incineration of all solid, liquid and gaseous wastes.
Energy recuperation for the heating product, electricity by steam or thermal flow.
Gas treatment after incineration through very high temperature of post-combustion.
Gas cleaning systems through wet or dry process in order to neutralize and filter out dust, chlorine, dioxins...
Thus helping to protect environment, respecting the European Emission Regulation EC76/2000.

Our equipments allow all waste from health care related activities With risk of infection to be elimitated
definitively, especially:


  • materials Used To Prepare Anti-Cancer Chemotherapy
  • out of date drugs
  • anatomic parts
  • waste from non conventional,transmissible agents (bovine - Spongiform encephalopathy,etc.)
  • liquid waste (blood,etc.)
  • bodily fluids
  • disinfection liquid
  • contamined animals


 Mobile incinerators

Mobil incineratorsMobile Incinerators in container for hospital, animal and industrial waste.

  • With full equipment
  • Easy moving
  • Competitve price
  • Respecting environment
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Autonomous resistant
  • Total waste disposal