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Clivet is a leading European company that designs, produces and distributes systems for air conditioning, heating, fresh air and purification with a wide range of solutions for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

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Established in Feltre, Belluno in 1989 by Bruno Bellò, who was already working in the air
conditioning sector, the company began its activity with the production of chillers and heat pumps.

During these last 20 years Clivet has developed an innovative range of products and systems dedicated to the needs of different types of installation, becoming a leader in some important segments of the air conditioning market such as shopping centres, multiplex cinemas, trading centres, hospitals, highly crowded areas and commercial use areas in general.

As of today, the group employs a staff of 550 employees in Italy and 300 overseas. Clivet has seven branches: in England, Spain, Germany, Holland, the Arab Emirates, India and Russia.
Today Clivet covers an operation area of 50.000 m2 sited in Feltre (Belluno), Italy.
The distribution network can count on forty agencies in Italy and fifty overseas distributors



1989 Clivet was founded. Product innovation was immediate
The historical Headquarter in Feltre has been established in 1989 in Feltre, a town sited in the north east of Italy, 1 hour from Venice.
In this area, over 50.000 m2 of production facilities and the Headquarter of Sales, Marketing and International Operations are located.

1989 - 1999 Specialized systems for any installation
CLIVET first introduced on the market high efficiency Chillers with compact heat plate exchangers. The introduction also of innovative large application Multi-Scroll compressors units gave to Clivet a leading position on the market, driving also the development of high capacity semi-hermetic compressor Chillers. On the basis of these significant product innovations, Clivet develops an innovative market approach based on specialized application solutions, developing Hydronic systems and decentralized WLHP Systems (Water Loop Heat Pump) by energy transfer.

1999 - 2011 Maximum efficiency, air renewal and purification, residential project
SPINChiller Series: a milestone in the development of Chillers & Heat Pumps with the best Seasonal Efficiency Ratio (ESEER) available on the market. Specialized patented high attendance CSNX Roof Top Units and Zephir, active thermodynamic recovery, innovative 100% fresh air series with electronic high efficiency air filters. ELFOSystem: a new innovative proposal for Individual & Multi Residential solutions.

Increasing the comfort level in the buildings where we live, work and spend our free time, and providing our clients.
Clivet's business strategy has always been clearly defined as the development of high efficiency systems. It has placed its R&D department at the complete disposal of this strategy, investing significant financial and human resources in this area and identifying its mission as "Comfort & Energy Saving", at a time when issues such as energy saving and high efficiency were not yet as central to public opinion as they are today.

Developments which have installed Clivet systems have recorded surprising results in terms of energy saving over the years (primary energy saving from 30% to 60%), providing great results to clients.

These results are a practical demonstration of Clivet's knowledge, which will enable the company to preserve its technological leadership and a secure position on the market in the future.